A Bonsai Tree An Autobiography

Author: Narendra Luther
ISBN: 9788193393567
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A Bonsai Tree An Autobiography by Narendra Luther, Edition 2018

A Bonsai Tree is not a memoir; it is an autobiography. Memoir is a selective slice of life focused to advantage; autobiography is the whole messy life as it unfolded. It is the story of one of the millions of families whose lives were shattered by the Partition also called Independence of India in 1947. It continues as a narrative of India through the prism of one life. Post Partition hardship and singular effort launches the author on a coveted career. Hilarious snippets of a young bumbling couple keep you glued to the book. The scenario then changes to an epic private battle with the ‘bottled devil’.
Narendra Luther has hitherto written about others. Here he tells you his own gripping story with his trademark wit, optimism and unusual candour. Looking back, he finds a pattern emerging out of a chequered life, bringing him to questions of destiny.

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  • Binding Type:Hard Bound
  • ISBN:9788193393567
  • Total Pages:228
  • Publishing Year:2018
  • Language:English
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