Little Things

Author: Dipen Shah
ISBN: 9780143441519
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Little Things by Dipen Shah, Edition 2018

You dont need big things to happen. A little love, a little togetherness and a little happiness are all you need! Whether it is in dealing with a bad day at work, trying out a new restaurant or experiencing FOMO Fear of Missing Out on a weekend, Dhruv and Kavya are there for each other. Their lives are a series of simple yet charming incidents that makes for a heart warming read. Unpretentious and honest, this book offers a peek into the life of a young couple who knows how to find meaning in the 'little things'.
Adapted from Dice Media's immensely popular web series by the same name, Little Things is both delightful and entertaining.

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  • Binding Type:Paper Back
  • ISBN:9780143441519
  • Total Pages:216
  • Publishing Year:2018
  • Language:English
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