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Akalanks Indian Boiler Regulations 18th Edition 2017

Author: Akalank Kumar Jain
ISBN: 9788176393690
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Akalanks Indian Boiler Regulations 18th Edition 2017 by Akalank Kumar Jain

Akalanks INDIAN BOILER REGULATIONS 2017 as on May 2017.
The Book Contains
Complete text of Indian Boiler Regulations, 1950 as amended upto date by All amendments issued and Notified in Gazette of India by Central Boilers Board, Government of India, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion, New Delhi as amended by The Indian Boiler Amendment Regulations, 2017
Highlights of the Amendments in 2017 Edition
Amends Regulation 4H relating to Remnant Life Assessment Organization, Regulation 4J relating to Central Boilers Board Authorisation Process , Competent Person Diary, Insertion of New Appendix M, Time Limits for Various Activities,
Previous Amendments were in Regulation 4, Regulation 290,
New Reg. 385 Registration Fee, New Reg.385A Inspection Fee for Renewal of Certificate, New Reg.392 Repairs to Boilers and Steam Pipes, New Reg.395 Submission of Plans of Steam Pipes, New Reg.395A Inspection Fee for Boilers and Part thereof constructed in India, New Reg.395B Inspection Fee for Pipes, New Reg.395C Inspection fee for Valves and Flanges, New Reg.395E Inspection Fee for Feed Water Heaters and Other Fittings, New Reg.395G Inspection fee for Spares and Boiler Components, New Reg.533 Registration Fee, New Reg.533A Fee for Renewal of Certificate, New Reg.534B Submission of Plans of Feed Pipes, Reg. 592, Reg. 605A, New Reg.616 Fees for Examination of Welders, New Reg.617 Penalty Form IIIA, Form IIIB, New Form IV, New Appendix J

  • Author:Akalank Kumar Jain
  • Binding Type:Paper Back
  • ISBN:9788176393690
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  • Publishing Year:2017
  • Language:English